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The most delicious and creamier homemade yogurt


Why should you bother making yogurt at home while or if you can buy it?

The answer is very simple..

Because homemade yogurt is ridiculously good, cheap and not very complicated to make.

How to make homemade yogurt?

Basically, you just:

  • Heat up milk
  • cool it down
  • Add a cup of prepared yogurt
  • Pour it into jars
  • Let the jars sit in a pool of warm water or set your instant pot for several hours.

It’s not at all fancy or difficult 🙂

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The first time i made yogurt , i was afraid and was panicking and i thought it was a total pain in the rear and i will never do it again.

But after i did it a few times, i realized how easy and simple the process was and it didn’t really take that much hands-on time, and that i could get some kitchen tasks done easily while i waited for the milk to heat up.

And of course after i let the yogurt cool down, i am free to do whatever i want to accomplish as the yogurt requires little to no supervision.

I use commercial lactose free whole milk . I would caution against using lower fat milk products to make yogurt.

Whole milk will make your yogurt much thicker and creamier. I made smaller quantity at the beginning to prevent or avoid waste. The yogurt keeps for at least a month but i always consume it within 3 weeks.

This recipe requires no special equipment… and you probably have most, if not all these items in your kitchen already.

I add four Tbsp. of brown sugar, you can add your preferred sugar or you don’t have to add any sugar ,and one Tbsp. of lactose free powdered milk

Next, you need to heat the milk to 185-195 degree in a heavy bottomed pot which will work best for this because your milk will be less prone to burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot while heating.

Once the milk reaches 185 or until it rises, take it off the heat to cool to about 120 degree. Once the milk drops to 120 degree, it’s time to add the starter.

The starter is just previously cultured yogurt or a 5oz greek yogurt, which will spread the yogurt cultures all through your milk, turning it to yogurt.

I pour the milk/yogurt into small jars

I add hot water to my instant pot. You want the water to come at least 3/4 of the way up the jars, or the yogurt will not stay warm enough to incubate.

Set your instant to yogurt ferment, automatically is set at 8hrs. You just need to press the button and you’re set for a delicious, creamy and healthy homemade yogurt.

After the fermentation cycle is completed remove the jars and place in the refrigerator. The yogurt should be fairly firm at this point and it will firm up more in the refrigerator though. So don’t panic if it’s still a little sloshy.

After all, you really need two species of bacteria to make yogurt:

  • Streptococcus thermophilus and
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus

However the benefits of eating yogurt, rather homemade healthy and deliciuous are numerous especially:

It may help uour gut

Some studies have shown some evidence that yogurt with active culture may help with some gastrointestinal conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.

It may help with weight management

Yogurt is a protein-rich source, therefore it improve our metabolism and promote weight loss by filling us up and keeping us satiated for a long time.

Yogurt’s fullness-promoting effects are even more prominent if we eat Greek yogurt, which is a very thick variety that has been strained.

Has immune enhancing properties

Due to the magnesium, selenium and Zinc that plays a role in immune system health.

Rich in important nutrient

Yogurt contains calcium, a necessary mineral for teeth and bone health.

Higher in protein than regular yogurt.

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