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Broccoli Au Gratin – Ideal Comfort Food


Broccoli is famous worldwide as a superfood. It’s used as the main ingredient in healthy food recipes as it contains low calories, various antioxidants, and nutrients that help keep the body fit and healthy.

Elements like calcium and collagen are vital for strengthening bones, and both are present in broccoli. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), 76 grams of broccoli contains around 3 to 3.5 percent of the daily recommended calcium dose.

Besides that, broccoli boosts immunity, improves skin health, prevents cancer and anemia. Following are the nutritional benefits of consuming 80 grams of boiled broccoli:

  • 22 kcals/ 96KJ
  • 6g Protein
  • 4g Fat
  • 2g Carbohydrates
  • 2g Fiber
  • 478mcg Carotene
  • 35mg Vitamin C

Is It Safe to Eat Broccoli?

Broccoli is a healthy food item for most people. However, if you have a thyroid problem, you might be advised to eat less broccoli. It’s because vegetables like these might cause hindrance in iodine absorption that’s essential for producing thyroid hormones.

Meanwhile, Broccoli is rich in fiber and is used in most healthy food recipes. One of our most famous and liked broccoli dishes is broccoli au gratin. For those who’re coming across this term for the first time, when you cook a dish au-gratin, you sprinkle it with breadcrumbs all over the top and bake the dish in the oven for some time.

The phrase au-gratin is French, which means “by grating” or “with a crust.” So, now you must’ve got an idea that the dish we will discuss today is some beautifully cooked broccoli with a glazy brown crust on top that includes a lot of other delicious food items like potatoes and chicken.

It’s an ideal dish for people who are in search of a healthy dish that tastes delicious and is easy to cook at the same time. Find out the recipe for the tasty broccoli au gratin that makes a perfect meal on a cozy winter night.

Whether you’re inviting some friends over for dinner or hosting an intimate dinner for your family, it’s a dish that everyone will surely love. It’s a convenient and easy-to-cook combo that’s the ideal blend of deliciousness and indulgence.

Two pieces of skinless and washed chicken breasts neatly placed on a plate

Recipe for Broccoli Au Gratin

Total Time: 1 hour

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Servings: Serves four to six people


  • Olive oil – two tablespoons
  • Ghee or butter – two tablespoons
  • Skinless chicken breasts – three pieces cut in small scallops
  • Garlic powder – one-eighth teaspoon
  • Paprika – one-fourth teaspoon
  • Ginger powder – half teaspoon
  • Coriander powder – one-eighth teaspoon
  • Turmeric – one-fourth teaspoon
  • Black pepper – one-eighth teaspoon
  • Salt – half tablespoon
  • Lemon juice – two tablespoons
  • Broccoli package – one, cut in small florets
  • Steamed potatoes – four, sliced and pan-seared to brownish color
  • Sautéed onion – one medium
  • Garlic – three cloves, minced
  • Sauteed red peppers – one, medium
  • Eggs – five
  • Crème fraiche – one package
  • Grated Gouda cheese – one cup
  • Fresh parsley – four tablespoons

A spoon full of broccoli to make a healthy food recipe


Step # 1:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step # 2:

Rinse the broccoli thoroughly and cut into small florets.

 Step # 3:

In a medium heated cast iron skillet, steam broccoli until al dente.

Step # 4:

In the same skillet, add olive oil and 1 tbsp ghee butter

Step # 5:

Add garlic and sauté for 3 minutes.

Step # 6:

Add chicken and all other spices, stir occasionally until cooked.

Step # 7:

Grease a large Pyrex or any oven-safe pan with 1/2 tbsp ghee butter

Step # 8:

On a skillet, add 1/2 tbsp ghee butter and line up all the sliced potatoes. Cook until brownish.

Step # 9:

Transfer the potatoes to the pan and line them together.

Step # 10:

On the same skillet, add the onions and red peppers (Add butter if needed, don’t if the skillet is still greased) and sauté until cooked al dente.

Step # 11:

While the onions and peppers are cooking, in a bowl, beat the eggs, add creme fraiche or yogurt, salt, pepper, parsley and mix them all until incorporated.

Step # 12:

Pour some of the sauce over the potatoes and layer the onions, peppers, and chicken.

Step # 13:

Pour over a 1/4 of the sauce mix and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on the top.

Step # 14:

Add the broccoli, then pour 1/2 of the sauce mix.

Step # 15:

Sprinkle shredded Gouda cheese as the top layer and keep it to bake for 25-30mins approximately. Serve hot when done.

A tray full of sliced potatoes

Which Food Items Go Well with Broccoli?

To add a unique twist to your dish or season it with the right dressing, it’s essential to know which vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits, protein, or fruits go well with broccoli.

Fruits & Vegetables

Bean sprouts, jalapeno, mushroom, orange, spinach, zucchini, tomato, green beans, celery, etc.

Herbs, Spices, & Nuts

Almonds, chives, hazelnut, paprika, thyme, sage, curry powder, cayenne pepper, basil, pine nuts, tarragon, etc.

Protein & Other

Beef, duck, chicken, egg, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, butter, parmesan cheese, oyster sauce, pasta, pork, pesto, prawns, soy sauce, rice, tofu, salami, tahini, yogurt, turkey, etc.

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